Vibrational Healing for Autism

AKA Awesome Kids! 

There is a paradigm shift that is now undeniable.   A generation of children coming through the ranks diagnosed with autism bringing us the wake up call we’ve been craving.   As we feel stuck in trying to heal a body that looks on the outside to be broken, we know a tugging at our conscience is calling us to know more, to understand more and to connect to the children and ourselves at a divinely deeper level.  

 Vibrational Healing for Autism (AKA Awesome Kids) looks at this from the soul level.   Why was I given this child?   What am I supposed to learn?   What is he trying to tell me?  Most importantly…What am I supposed to do?    These questions plague every parent of an “awesome kid” and now is the time to dig deeper to find the answers.    This book aims to guide the reader to shift out of the “need to fix” your child as if he were broken to a place of unconditional love, acceptance and harmony on all levels.  

With her experience in communicating via telepathy to pre-verbal children, Tami brings beautiful messages from the children so one can understand what it’s like to be in the body of a child diagnosed with autism.    Read with an open heart and allow yourself the possibility that there is much more to these children than meets the eye.